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Day 15: comfort and zoodles

Double breakfast action because the heel slice of the zucchini bread with cashew butter wasn’t quite enough.

The muffin was from a friend.  She did the whole30 thing last summer and totally gets food allergies/sensitivities, so when she gave me a baggy of paleo muffins after our playdate yesterday I knew I was going to have to sample them. She sweetened them with banana and “minimal” maple syrup so it did have a touch of sugar, but I only had one muffin.  They were so good!

For lunch I made a huge tuna salad.  The same way I made it last time: 1 can of wild planet tuna, 1/3 cup Sir Kensington’s avocado oil mayo, 2 celery stalks, 1/2 avocado, and salt and pepper.  With tons of carrots on the side.

This kept me full for sooo long.  I wasn’t even hungry by dinner time!

They just keep on coming!  Spiralizing my life away.

Kyle was out of town so rather than make the dish I had planned on (salmon cakes) I figured I’d just eat leftovers. And lots of zucchini, but Kyle doesn’t do zucchini.

I kinda came up with this dish on the fly, but the finished product looks so planned I’m almost tempted to post the recipe as if I had conceived it ahead of time!!!

First I chopped up one breast of leftover chicken, then I sautéed spiralized zucchini “zoodles” in coconut oil. And then I was trying to figure out what to put on top…searching through the fridge I came upon the leftover jar of Caesar dressing I made for this salad.  Warm it up and voila!  You have an Alfredo sauce of sorts!

Then I decided to get really crazy…and add bacon.  As if I were making a pasta carbonara dish.


Considering the fact that I WASN’T EVEN HUNGRY this dish was insaaaaaane.

I was so proud of myself for piecing this together with leftovers in a matter of minutes.

I definitely did not need anything after, but I had a kombucha anyway.  I think I wouldn’t have had anything had Kyle been home, but I was all by myself and (admittedly) turned to something yummy as a source of comfort.  Not the healthiest practice, but I won’t lie and pretend it didn’t happen.  In any event, it’s good bacteria that I know I should be feeding my gut, so there’s that.

Day 13 and Day 14: kombucha and kimchi

The last of the yummy baked zucchini thing…womp womp.  Big old sad face now that that’s gone.

I had a modest amount of cashew butter (by my standards) because I had two coffees with almond milk as well.  I haven’t been having that second cup since the first week of this charade so I was more full than usual.

This lunch had me swooning because the pork was soooo salty, and thanks to the perfectly ripe and massive avocado, the balance was absolutely fantastic.  You can’t tell how much meat was there, but it was much more than I probably needed so I was quite full after finishing it.  But, like the rest of the meals I’ve been eating lately, it didn’t make me feel full in a big bloated way.  I just felt comfortably un-hungry until that evening.

Gobble meal kit!

I decided to get two meals delivered this week because there were new things that caught my eye that could also be fairly easily adapted for my diet while still accommodating the rest of the family(‘s desire to eat carbs).

Here’s Kyle’s portion of the swordfish.

And mine.

I know it looks depressing, but trust me, the fish was so flavorful I was more than happy with it.

I only got a two person portion, so Kyle and I got the two swordfish steaks and I pulled an ahi steak from the freezer for the kids.  It was perfect, actually, because I have had one lone ahi steak in the freezer for a while now, not knowing what to do with it because it’s not like you can do much for a family of four with a single filet, ya know!?  They loved the ahi – even though they thought it was swordfish.  😉  Everyone else had the coconut rice on the side too.

Kombucha to close out the night.

Banola for breakkie on day 14.  TWO WEEKS!!  I’m really amazed and proud that I’ve made it this far.  I mean, I don’t want to say I doubted myself, but you guys know what a crazy chocoholic I am.  And how obsessed with kettle chips I am.  Those cravings were not easy to ignore/deny.

I ate my salad for lunch right out of the clamshell because I was going to finish it, so why dirty an extra bowl? I added my home-made balsamic dressing, half and avocado, carrots, and the rest of the smoked salmon. Mmmmm.

Another gobble dinner!

I really got the delivery for this meal because it sounded sooooo good.  Korean bulgogi beef lettuce cups with sweet potato noodles and kimchi!!!! Yes.  Please.

I was even excited enough by it to loosen up the carb/sugar restrictions to take on the noodles.

The korean BBq sauce was SPIC-AY and I was sweating and coughing and guzzling water, but man were those flavors stellar.  In the end, I chose to give Kyle most of my noodles though, because while the flavors were good, it wasn’t really worth it.  Also, the BBQ sauce and beef were seasoned with sugar, onion, and garlic, so I really didn’t want to push my gut more than that.

I had two more lettuce cups after.  First time having Korean food!  Thanks gobble!!

PS If anyone is interested in trying gobble I think I’ve bought enough that I get to give some away, so leave your a comment (with the email address you want to use in the section that you fill out) and I can send you a few free meals.  I think I have at least 6 to give away, so first come first served…

Kombucha for dessert, again.  I’m out of kombucha!!!  Better get to the store stat.  Kimchi and kombucha have to be getting that good bacteria going, amiright?!?!?  Onto the next week!

Day 12: no more cravings

Guys, I’m crushing it.  I think I just needed to get over the first week of this diet because all of a sudden things are just so much better. I’m feeling full but not bloated or gassy or uncomfortable and eating things I enjoy and not feeling deprived and…it feels so nice and easy!!  Man.  I’m glad I pushed through because for a couple of days there, the idea of doing this for another couple of weeks was seeming terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to open my dietary repertoire back up, but at least it’s not like each day is torture focusing on the things I’m missing out on.  My gut is doing so great!  I’m regular with virtually no symptoms.  Actually I think today I had no symptoms at all!  Ok, I’ll try to limit the exclamation points going forward.  I’m just really excited that I’m feeling as well as I am.

Break. The. Fast.

Almost finished (but not quite) with this loaf of zucchini bread.  I still have a bit of the zucchini bake left but I opted for these slices because I had to eat quicker this am.  The casserole deserves to be eaten slowly and savored.  This bread is good, but let’s be real, it’s mostly just a vehicle for cashew butter at this point.

I brought my pills with me because I was gone all morning.  I borrowed V’s water to take them, which she wasn’t a fan of.

Lunch!  Last slice of the blender bread piled hiiiiiiiigh with avo and smoked salmon.  And then more smoked salmon on the side.  And carrots.  Always carrots.  And always more carrots than actually shown.

I’m actually a little glad I only had one (thick) slice of blender bread left because it meant I didn’t make a repeat mistake of yesterday and eat so much of this delish lunch that I wasn’t ever really hungry for dinner.

I know that cauliflower in large amounts is a fodmap no-no and it’s recommended to be “tried cautiously after some progress has been made on the [SCD] diet” and yet, I really don’t seem to have any problems with it.  I roasted this head for dinner – half with garam masala and half plain (both with olive oil and salt).

This was another recipe from Against All Grain; the Indian Spiced pork roast with cumin curry carrots.  Only I made it with cauli instead of carrots because (a) the kids and I eat so many raw carrots I try to be more diverse with our veggies each day and (b) I had a head of it on hand from my parents.

I roasted the cauliflower in advance because I was going to be out until just before dinner time and wanted to make the amount of work I did right before we ate as minimal as possible.

The pork was great – every one loved it and there were zero leftovers.  Neither cauliflower nor pork.

I had a Trilogy kombucha that night but really didn’t “need” it.  I only finished it because 1/4 of a kombucha seemed silly to save for another day.  I save 1/2 bottle all the time but when you get to much less than 1/3 of a bottle it loses it’s fizz and is just kinda meh the next day.

Here’s the nectarine cobbler I pulled from the freezer for Kyle. He had *told* me he was going to eat fruit only for dessert while I was doing this heinous 30 day thing, but then he left me high and dry when he realized there was other stuff in the house.  So I didn’t get any chocolate from the store this week.  He was more than happy with this though.  It’s the last of the 2016 nectarine crop!  Just in time now that our tree is ready for the 2017 harvest. I made it with a GF (almond meal and coconut oil) topping and was pretty jealous as he was serving it, but got over it when I remembered how much better I’ve been feeling.

Day 11: a lot of full

Look at where I am after breakfasting on this a mere two days.

It’s sooooo yummy.  I plan on making another loaf as soon as this is done, but of course I didn’t write down the recipe so I’m not too sure if I can replicate it just right.  I’ll definitely try.

Cashew buttah for always.

This lunch was so good I went and made another slice for myself after this was gone, even though I was nearing full.  As a result I was pretty much stuffed for the rest of the day.  Smoked salmon is so goooooood.

We had just gotten back from Costco, so I immediately broke into the new hot smoked salmon that I got and now I’m thinking I should have bought two.  I need to slow my roll.  I’ve been eating everything in sight this weekend.  I guess that’s a nice change from the weekdays though.  Admittedly, I did a pretty bad job planning things out for myself at the end of the week and struggled a bit with finding food I wanted to eat that still fit within the confines of my current plan.  But this weekend has felt super restorative.  I caught up on sleep last night, and ate really well yesterday and today, so now I’m entering Monday feeling great!  I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but maybe I’m through the rough part of the die off?  Probably shouldn’t jinx it.  I take it back!  I take it back!

Like I said earlier, this meal stuck with me for a long time.  I wasn’t even hungry for dinner by 6 (when the rest of the family was ready for food), so I delayed dinner until 6:30 but still had no desire to eat.  Oops.  Of course I ate anyway, because obviously I needed food to last overnight.

Since lettuce wraps are my latest go to, these two packs of organic living butter lettuce from Costco are clutch.

I made the Asian pork lettuce cups from Diane Sanfilippo’s 21 Day Sugar Detox.  <—  Whoa!! The ebook is currently 2.99 on amazon!  Score!  It’s the book I always make banola from if you want to hop on that deal.

I’ve made these before, so their success was no surprise.  I added cilantro because we had a few sprigs left, so why not.  I also omitted the green onions from my portion and just added them on top of Kyle’s.  He and the kids got rice too.

I enjoyed a ginger kombucha for dinner and wasn’t hungry or craving anything as I went to bed.  Hooray! Either I’ve gotten over “the hump” of this way of eating or I’m just feeling great since that time of the month has passed, but wither way, I’m feeling awesome.

Day 10: feeling good & eating good

I couldn’t stop eating this.  I basically plowed through 1/3 of it with cashew butter. I was starving though! Kyle and I went on a family run to the tennis courts to play before it got to be 104 degrees…so by the time we were home and showered I was ready to eat the entire pan.  Hence the major damage I did to it.

I spent most of the morning in the kitchen doing prep.  After I took my first round of pills I felt some cramping and sure enough, an hour or so later my gut had another episode.  I think it’s a good thing.

Spiralizing for days thanks to my garden’s zucchini load. No complaints here!!

Lunch!  This tuna salad doesn’t look like much in the bowl so lemme tell you exactly what it had in it.  I made it with 1 can of wild planet tuna, 1/4 cup Sir Kensington mayo, 1/2 a large avo, 2 celery stalks, salt and pepper.  It was perfection.  I polished off every last bite, with even more carrots than shown.

OMG this dinner!

I am obviously in a major skirt steak phase, and neither Kyle nor the kids are objecting!!

This is the recipe from Against All Grain for the Korean Beef Noodle Bowl.  It was SO GOOD.

I made it with zucchini noodles (per the recipe) for myself, but gave the rest of the family nasoya’s chinese style noodles (WHICH THEY LOVE), so everyone had an awesome meal.  All three of them seriously go gaga for these noodles, and they cook super fast since they are fresh.


It’s impressive what a handful of recipes can do when balanced.  Umami flavor bombs.  I think I need to get more coconut aminos soon.  I’ve been going through the stuff like crazy.

Here’s Kyle’s portion.

And here’s mine.



Get her cookbook already!!

Dessert, but I was so tired I couldn’t even finish it.  I was in bed by 9.