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Lettuce thief

This wasn’t my favorite flavor, so I’m glad I didn’t get the big one.  Sample packs are economical and not economical at the same time, because they cost 500% what the portion would cost if bought in bulk, but they also prevent you from buying a flavor you may not like and then wasting it. Vanilla Chai sounds like something I’d like, but it was just okay. I prefer simple classic flavors, like chocolate and vanilla.

I went shopping with V after our (co-op) “school” because I hadn’t planned on staying home for Thursday and Friday, so we had no meals planned for those nights.  She snacked on kale while I shopped and wound up eating half of a stem!!

I got my kale on after they were fed and napping (or “having quiet time”).  I still hadn’t gotten to Costco, so my macadamia less salad was almond-ified instead – half tamari roasted, half sea salt roasted. Plus an avocado and miso dressing.

I modeled this beef dish after a recipe in Gwyneth’s book combined with a dish in my Cook’s Illustrated vegetarian cookbook…it was thai themed, but the lettuce I was hoping to use as “cups” was wilted, so I went with plan B and sauteed zucchini in the same sauce I made for the beef and then served it with quinoa as a bowl.

Can you guess which one is Kyle’s????  Ha.  The zucchini free one, obvs.

I went back for seconds of zucchini.  It was sooooo good.

Dessert plate! We started season two of Homeland.  Of course I’m hooked and now Kyle’s out of town…soooo…what to watch this week???

More of the same…muffins and cashew butter. With a side of puzzle.  I seem to be alternating smoothies and muffins with this hot weather.  After a long time off of smoothies, I’m glad they’re back in my life.  I love the flavor obviously, but they also make me feel good. They keep me full for a while but never feel stuffed.

Random lunch of pizza (simple mills crust I had pre-made and stored in the freezer) because I didn’t feel like kale.  Carrots on the side because I can’t NOT have carrots at lunch ever ever ever.

This organic asparagus cost $15 and I was cringing at the check out over the insanity of spending that much on a vegetable, but we recently moved things around to up our grocery budget because it’s important to me.  You have to find joy in life right?  And if that means buying good a$$ food then that’s what you have to prioritize. I prepped it all before we left the house for our afternoon outing, so it was ready to pop in the oven as son as we got home.

Splash park!!!

Kyle got home early so he could join us too (since he’s leaving town soon he wanted some extra QT).  What an awesome Friday afternoon. 🙂

We went to Costco after since it’s basically across the street…totally needed a million things, so now I feel very complete.

Flank steak was on sale at Nugget so I went for it.  I used this recipe and it was fantastic.

This feels like true summer food. And the weather was AWESOME.

Kyle grilled and the kids played outside while I unloaded groceries and roasted veggies.


DELISH!  Kyle grilled this guy perfectly.

I also used the rest of the bearnaise sauce from my gobble meal kit a few weeks back.  The kids loved the meal too and there are leftovers of everything which will be a huge help this week.

Kyle sampled these at Costco and obviously had to buy them after!

I really don’t know who’s sweet tooth is worse!?

After breakfast we hit the road asap to get to my parents’ house.  My sisters and I took my mom on a kitchen tour for her birthday.  I’m not the HGTV type, but it seemed like a fun idea.  There were 5 houses and the theme of the day was having a full window wall/door that opens out to the yard.  Every house had it!  It was crazy beautiful during this perfect spring/summer weather, for sure, but I wonder what it was like in the dreary months.  Anyway, it was fun to gawk at the fancy $$$$ houses with my mom and sisters.  🙂

After we took my mom to lunch at American Kitchen.  Appropriately named restaurant given the morning’s activity.

I’d never been but have run past it a ton (I basically have a go-to loop when I’m staying at my parents house).

We split the sweet potato fries, which were as perfect as sweet potato fries ever are.

And I got the curry chicken salad, with grapes and pepitas on arugula.  I added avo too.  Duh.

After lunch we went back and then Kyle and I got the best treat of all – going out just the two of us! We went clothes shopping, finally.  Broadway Plaza is so nice and new now!  My sisters watched the kids and it felt soooo nice to get away for a second without worrying about them.  They went swimming in my parents’ pool and probably didn’t even think about us for a second.

Snackage while dinner was being prepped…I forgot how delish goat brie is!

The kids were barely hanging on, so I dug out some crayons and colored pencils (which gave us a whole extra 15 minutes).

V, the lettuce thief, helped my mom make the salad…by eating romaine.  Such a helper.

We ate outside because it was too gorgeous not to.

My dad had grilled a bunch of stuff and we all got to hang out and it was awesome.  I hope my mom had a great birthday celebration, because I thought it was pretty perfect.

Once the kids were in bed, we cozied up on the couch to watch the Warrior’s game.

And eat ice cream.

Don’t mind if I do!

P got a decent night’s sleep but this little one woke up early because she’s getting sick and when you can’t breathe out of your nose, it makes it impossible to suck your thumb.  Womp womp.

I got up early with her and once more people were awake I pawned her off on them and got a run in.

I had a smoothie for breakfast (I’m obsessed with my parents’ nutri-bullet which makes my magic bullet look like the ghetto tool from the 90’s that it nearly is).  After we had all eaten Kyle took the kids to the park and the girls headed to Burlingame for another wedding shower for my sister.

It was at Il Fornaio, but they were on top of it in terms of gluten and dairy (most of our table had issues with one or both).

I got the salmon, but missed dessert because I was writing down my sister’s gifts as she opened them.  Not a big deal though, because it was a berry flavored gelati and I probably would have picked at it despite not wanting it.  Mid-day desserts are a slippery slope and I’d already had a prosecco.  😉

The kids got to pick up their mother’s day masterpiece which I was THRILLED to open!  OMG it is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to eat “salads” out of it.

We drove back to Davis the second I got home from the shower, but it was still too late to make it to our friend’s law school graduation party. We swung by anyway because we had to drop something off for her, but didn’t stay long.

Came home with dessert though 🙂  Kyle and I shared the sweets…which I supplemented with a chocolate bar too.

It was a great weekend!  Kyle left in the middle of the night to catch a crazy early flight out of the country, so I’m glad I got some one on one time with him, even if it was shopping or doing laundry. I feel like I hardly saw him between the back to back weekend festivities!  And for the next two weeks we will be like ships passing in the night…he’s gone until Thursday night, and then I leave as soon as he’s back for my sister’s bachelorette weekend.  And then I get back Monday, see Kyle for a few hours, and then he leaves for another work trip!  I can’t wait until summer arrives and life slows back down.

Wednesday fun

Excellent start to the day 🙂

I think I posted the pic of these when they first came out of the oven.  I used almond and cassava flour.  This was my first time using cassava flour.

Lunch was smaller than usual because they had a bunch of snacks over the course of the morning…kidney beans, diced raw bell peppers, and steamed green beans.  Followed by blueberries.

Afternoon fairy yard time.

With a muffin as a snack.  I have some of Gwyneth’s sweet potato five spice in the freezer, so I warmed them up, split it in half, and buttered it for them to eat outside.

They liked them so much they asked for another.

And then fed them to each other.  Silly kids.

P put on a show for us, until it was time to go to farmer’s market.

I brought roasted sweet potatoes and tamari tofu for the kids to share.

While they danced the evening away.  🙂 Wednesdays are my favorite.

We got fish and chips to take home (and share), supplemented by a salad I made quickly on the fly.


I didn’t even go back for more fries!

They ate the last of their food as we ate…and then I killed time by having them wash their own hands…and the table…and water bottles…and then V decided to use it as a blanket.

Dessert with new episodes of Master of None.  Happy hump day!

Cherry season!

GUYS! The cherry tree is doin’ it’s thang.  It’s amazing.  I started picking them a teeny bit early because if I don’t get them now, the birds will get them alllll.

I forgot to take pics of their breakfast, but I did get a picture of mine.

At the start of this year, I specifically left one of the mornings that P was in school unscheduled so V and I could have a weekly breakfast date.  We went sporadically throughout fall – usually to WF – and then I just sort of fell out of the habit.  Especially after WF closed.  Also, I’m way too frugal to spend money on the reg when I could just as easily make my own smoothie/eggs/whatever at home.  But Kyle was insistent I restart the tradition this week because the kids have been difficult and I need to treat myself.  So I tried out the co-op.  I thought they had a breakfast bar akin to the one at WF but I was wrong.  They had a bunch of pre-made breakfast burritos (vegan options too) but nothing else…and I’m not really a breakfast burrito person.  But I was starving by that point and only had 30 minutes until library story time so I made do with a forager cashewmilk smoothie and a house-made chocolate covered coconut macaroon.  The macaroon was definitely in the dessert section of the store but whatever.

I shared a little with my mini me, but didn’t give her any of the chocolate.  Probably need to find a different place if I’m going to try this breakfast date thing again.

I feel like I’ve been in a rut with their food, so I am trying to keep things new and exciting.  I got these butternut squash krinkle cuts from TJs and baked them for lunch and they ate every single one!  Awesome!  Paired with chickpeas and watermelon and cucumbers to round out the meal.

I baked a bunch while they were napping and having quiet time, including these banana muffins. P smelled them and came from the toy room wondering what I was making, but I told him he’d have to wait to enjoy them at a different time.

Once everyone was up, I made snacks.  I was offering up so many things, but they kept getting shot down, and then I saw a few kale leaves and asked if they wanted green eggs…and they said yes!  So I blended three eggs with some kale and tamari and cooked it up. Man did they love that! I gave them some raisins and (just out of the oven) sweet potato fries.  And as if that wasn’t enough, we then went out back and they hit up the garden for strawberries and chard.

And then cherries!

I only stopped picking because I ran out of room in the bowl.

They were so excited to eat them, but we had to go to tee ball, so I promised them more after dinner.

Tee ball was fine but one of his teammates was eating a PB filled cracker before batting so that was ugh.

We had a fundraiser at Chipotle that night – they were donating 50% of all the money spent that night to P’s preschool, so we obviously had to go support the cause.  I shared my bowl with V, but made P his own taco.  Honestly, I may actually trust Chipotle with his allergies because their website is so clear and transparent about ingredients and they seem to understand allergies. Maybe next time…I’ve only been a few times but I could see myself going back more frequently.  I like Chipotle.  I think they have a good mission.

P had no issues with either one of his doses today!  Woohoo!

After we gave the kids baths, I went out to meet up with friends because one of my girlies is moving away.  Sad face.  They are an awesome family that we will miss.  I alllmost stayed out past my bedtime but still made it to target on the way home to get a very important item.

V swallowed the pit of the first cherry I gave her and P is so scared to do the same that he basically eats the skin off and calls it a day unless I take the pit out for him.  I did that all last summer and my nails always looked gross and dirty from it.  Also, it’s pretty freakin time consuming.  So I bought this $10 solution and it is WONDERFUL.  Highly recommend.  Bring on the summer fruit!

One day at a time

Oh hi chocolate banana milkshake that is healthy.

We had planned on going to a park this morning, but P had a reaction to his am dose so I was keeping it mellow indoors until he got through it.  A few hives this time, and a pretty brutal case of congestion and wheezing, but meds and time (and snuggles) heal all. V is less understanding, but it’s all good now.  It’s easier to talk about once it’s over, because when you’re in it, you’re just kinda waiting…and waiting…and waiting…to see how bad this is gonna get before it starts getting better.  Luckily, he was fine and I didn’t have to call for backup.  Crisis averted.  We killed more time going to TJs and Nugget, and by the time we got home he was 100% again so I let them play in the backyard while I unladed the groceries and made lunches.

Back to himself indeed.

We are slowly inching our way back up to the dose he last got to at the MD office on Friday, but I’m not going to rush it.  It may be a few weeks before we get there because I want to make sure his body isn’t under too much stress.  And as a result, we are skipping the next two weeks of Friday up-dosing appointments.  This is my decision, not the MDs, but I know it’s the best for P.  I don’t want him to hate OIT and since he has been such a trooper thus far, I feel like the symptoms he’s been having are the way his body is telling us to slow down.  It may take us months to get to the end (as opposed to the 1-2 remaining appointments we were supposed to try it in before this hiccup), but we will do it the gentlest way possible.  Slow and steady wins the race!

I made an Asian ramen slaw salad for dinner with chicken and it was received with rave reviews.

P was in a MOOOOOD after a swimming (I know it’s better that he’s not napping but it’s still pretty awful after 5 pm) and was acting like he didn’t want to like dinner (regardless of what it was), but after one bite he made a complete 180 and was scarfing his portion down.

I mean, he was the one who chose which ramen noodles we got at the store!

Went to Nugget for these since Tjs doesn’t have ramen.  I saved the packets for some other use. It’s probably just like miso soup?

I should have written down the recipe for the dressing because it was A+ work if I do say so myself.  I had looked up other similar recipes the night before so knew roughly what to do.  I used canola oil, sesame oil. tamari, rice vinegar, and honey.  Then added a bunch of sesame seeds and tossed it in green cabbage, and a slaw mix.

After the lettuce was covered in dressing I added in the noodles, which I roughly crushed by hand. I let it chill in the fridge while I baked two chicken breasts, and once those were done I diced them and added them in too.

I love when I finish dinner entirely during nap time. It means coming home from our PM activity is effortless.  Or at least as effortless as anything is with preschoolers.

Yummmmm.  I would eat this back to back nights no problem.  And you could swap in anything for the chicken – edamame, slivered almonds, salmon, shrimp, whatever!

After the morning scare, this was NOT a night for skipping dessert.

Kyle made my Sunday awesome

We were both SO exhausted when we woke up on Sunday, but I powered through a bike ride and then made pancakes for the babes.  I had pulled a banana bread from the freezer the night before for Kyle, so all I needed was food for moi. Luckily I had one last muffin.

With sunbutter because I wanted to add something sweet.

P and I went to church after breakfast (he had no issues with his am dose, hooray!) but he was kinda weird at Sunday school drop off, so he stayed in church with me for half the service before I took him back to try again.  This time he went without any separation anxiety, so who knows what the problem was initially.  He was probably still out of whack from the day before.  I know I was!

When I got home, Kyle had surprised me by vacuuming!  BEST TREAT EVER!  Seriously, that alone made my mother’s day.

We played in the yard until lunch time.  Kyle’s parents sent us 1500 ladybugs (not a # typo) so we released those on the roses and vegetable garden…hopefully that’ll keep the aphids in check this summer?!?!

The roses are in full bloom right now, and the bees are going crazy in the yard.


Unlike last year, the kids seem unaffected by them, and they are happily walking back and forth on the ledge, passing the buzzing sounds without any concern.

Lunch time rolled around and I fed the kids odds and ends, since I still hadn’t made it to the grocery store since returning from my parents’ place.

My mom gifted me the best thing ever – her salad dressing from her TJs salad that she didn’t use. It’s my faaaavorite one, the spicy one from the kale, sunflower seed, chicken salad that I used to buy a lot a year or so ago.  I wish TJs would sell it in a bottle, it’s so good.  Anyway, I really wanted a kale salad, so I added that dressing, avo, sunflower seeds, and salted almonds. And tons of baby carrots (way more than shown).  Then I had a few more handfuls of almonds after.  Handfuls?  That doesn’t sound right?  Handsful? Hmmm…a few more scoops into my hand!

And then Kyle and I lounged outside.

Kyle wanted to go shopping at the outlets because neither of us have any clothing that’s not from 2000. <–not entirely true, but my summer wardrobe is non-existent and I really need to get on it asap because the weather is getting H-O-T.  Guys!  This is my first summer of not being preggo or nursing in 5 years!  I need new stuff!  I don’t have to wear loose clothes for easy boob access or belly room!!  This is huge!  Anyway, there was too much traffic so we nixed the shopping plan and instead chose to play tennis.

The kids weren’t as big on this plan, but tough cookies.  We brought the double stroller, strapped them in, and played until our arms were too tired to serve anymore.  Then we let them play at the park until heading downtown.  I picked up my (altered) bridesmaid dress and then ran to the co-op for sushi.  I haven’t been to the co-op in forever and I was beyond IMPRESSED. How did I forget about this place!!  I now have my WF replacement!  I’m definitely renewing our membership and getting that back in the grocery rotation.

Mermaid roll + tuna roll = happy mama.

P was acting heinous (GAH*!//&^^<%) all through dinner and I wanted to pull all my hair out. Thank goodness for Kyle because my day was awesome because of him. My kids on the other hand…well…I know they love me, but they’ve been awfully moody and whiney.

Hard to decide on dessert because I had made cookies and then I got a bunch of See’s yummies. But I chose neither because I was up way too late dealing with the longest dinner ever.  We had to bathe V separately because P took 1.5 hours to eat 6 bites of noodles.  WTF MAN.  Eat yo meal.

And it’s not like I can say “fine, you’re done, kitchen is closed!” because he has to take a dose and that requires him to have at least a decent amount of food in his belly.  Blah.  Puts me in a crappy position.  Ok, prob too much whining for mother’s day.  Kyle’s stellar though, so we still got to hot tub and chocolate at night anyway.

Hope everyone else had a nice day too – whether you’re a mom or not.